Women in Serious Games!

The International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. We have some very inspiring women leading the charge here at Playware.



Silvia Gunarso

Silvia is a Lead Artist at Playware. A creative powerhouse she excels at concept art, computer graphics, story-boarding and animation. She has worked on well received projects in Casual GamesGamification, E-Learning and Board Games.

Susitra Janagiram

Susitra Janagiram

Susi is the Head of Projects at Playware. An Educational Technology and E-Learning specialist with a solid development background she handles all the challenges of creative and technological project management with aplomb. Projects she has lead for Playware, have won awards such as the Innovplus Flame Award 2016, Brandon Hall Technology Awards (Silver) in 2016 and (Bronze) in 2014.

Srividya Maliwal

Srividya Maliwal

Sri is one of the Founders and the Chief Producer at Playware. Everything from Leadership to Business Development to Corporate Strategy, Sri does it all. Sri as been the producer on over a hundred Innovative and Emerging Education Technology projects at Playware in the Healthcare, Government, Defence, Corporate and Government sectors.


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