Serious Games

What research has shown and where actual implementations continue to clearly affirm, is that using serious games for education, training and practice leads to improved, effective learning.

We advocate serious games played in authentic, virtual 3D environments that are immersive and engaging. They are contextualised to different situations and are “safe”, allowing mistakes or failures whilst encouraging recursive play and practice. And enabling such games on mobile devices means that users can play anywhere, anytime, leading to self-directed learning.

To that end, Playware pioneered 3DHive, a complete game-based learning and practice platform that allows users to quickly create, share, play short-form 3D “gamelets” on popular desktop and mobile devices. The gamelets has a low entry cost and are ideal in blended learning approaches

To discover how serious games and gamelets can help you and your organisation, come talk to us.

"In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice.

In practice, there is."

Yogi Bera

What is Game-based Learning?

Virtual Nurse

A game built for health professionals

A 3DHive game built to support nursing orientation, skills training and specialized courses for nurses and allied hospital services staff. The virtual hospital layout was created with the guidance of the JHS hospital staff to ensure a realistic and accurate hospital environment for nursing education.

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Interactive Virtual Precinct

A game built for Indian Heritage Centre

Based on 4 prominent precincts, the 3DHive-based exhibit of interactive touchscreens brings the visitors through narratives of a Chettiar boy, a Bohri Muslim businessman, a Punjabi woman and a Tamil Indian girl as they negotiate their way through old Singapore.

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Road Pro

A game built for the Singapore Traffic Police on road safety and pedestrian awareness

This is a game we developed for the Road Safety Campaign for the Singapore Police Force, Traffic Police in conjunction with the Road Safety Month 2015. It was built on the 3DHive engine. You get to play as a road user, starting off as a pedestrian, then a cyclist, then a vehicle driver and you get to experience a uniquely Singaporean environment as you avoid obstacles, stop when required and make sure you have good road sense!

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Lost & Found

A game built for Sree Narayana Mission

Lost & Found is an interactive game played on the app (Windows, Android & iPhone) as part of the service learning school curriculum. It follows Scout, a boy sent to set up power generators for a new integrated community. In the game, Scout meets Eloise, an elderly lady from the Exiled community. She assists him with challenges he faces, showing how wisdom and friendship between youth and the elderly benefit us all.

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