4Di Lite and more

4Di Lite

Innovative Display Technology

We integrate a hardware solution called 4Di Lite which an interactive whiteboard and digital canvas where educators can guide learners through a visual journey. Learners are able to experience content and visualise ideas and materials opening up discussions in the classroom for extended learning. 4Di Lite is set up with up to 3 screens via short throw projector and is connected to a workstation that is running 3DHive.net so that both educators and learners can apply new skills and integrate learning with practice directly onscreen.

ToPlay Table

Touch-based Technology

We deploy the ToPlay table, a 46′ Full HD touch responsive table with a powerful workstation embedded within. It was designed from the ground up and supports up to 32 touch points, allowing multiple concurrent users to interact and learn whilst exploring rich, immersive,  virtual environments and embedded media.

Occulus Rift

Virtual Reality Technology

We develop custom virtual reality games and experiences on the Oculus Rift for unmatched highly  immersive 3D experiences for our clients.

Microsoft Kinect for Windows

Augumented Reality Technology

We build games and custom virtual experiences that can use voice and gesture commands on the Kinect platform.