Visual Text Analysis Courseware for the Singapore National Library Board (2015)

We conceptualised, designed, developed and integrated modules on Visual Text courseware for primary, secondary school students as well as adult learners with an emphasis on play and games for learning as a pedagogy. The courseware was developed in HTML5, Javascript and jQuery to integrate NLB’s e-Learning Management System. The completed courseware is accessible to the public on the web at the NLB’s S.U.R.E portal.

  • Analysis of Visual Text for Primary Level – to help primary students identify critical key features of visuals and messages that are conveyed and eventually construct simple storyboard.
  • Analysis of Visual Text for Secondary Level – to describe the process and outcome of analysing visuals, compare different types of visuals and identify key components in visual analysis.
  • Analysis of Visual Text for Adult Level – to help adult participants to define and describe visual communication, list key components and differentiate message, meaning and interpretation.