Virtual World for the Singapore WDA

The Workforce Development Agency of Singapore officially launched the Creative Industries Virtual World.  It  is a serious game and tool to provide training and career opportunities for professionals in the arts and creative industries. It is essentially a virtual community for the creative services industry to foster relationships and network for career development.

Features Include:

An Immersive Environment – The virtual environment features and houses 19 virtual buildings for WDA and its partners.

Visitor Engagement and Interaction – Visitors can select avatars and navigate the various worlds created by appointed training partners and government agencies for the CI. In addition, email and chat functions will be integrated to allow visitors to engage and interact with others in the Virtual World.

Scheduled Webinars – The Virtual World will feature scheduled sharing by industry professionals and training partners online on topics such as career, courses and industry insights.

Check out official coverage from the local news outlets over at:

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