Team from SGH & PWS win Innovplus award 2021 (Nov)

A joint team from SGH and PWS won the SGD 200,000 innvplus grant from inlab.

The winning SGH Challenge Statement was : “We are looking for a learning solution that allows medical education to be delivered via an engaging, self-paced, adaptive and easily accessible platform, allowing learners to acquire a new set of clinical skills in using dermoscopy (skin surface microscopy) to detect skin cancer by simulating the experience of examining the skin and training the learner to detect suspicious features.”

The solution designed and proposed by PWS will include bite-sized learning, simulation, gamification and three key innovations in Virtual Bedside Rounds, Gamified CME credits and Virtual Balint Groups.

innovPlus – A competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The innovPlus Challenge is run twice a year. innovPlus is organized by inl.ab

About inlab

An initiative of SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG), inlab is managed by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) and the facility is located within the premise of the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI).

inlab is established as one of the four key drivers of iN.LEARN 2020, the broader national strategy promoting the adoption of technology-enabled Continuing Education and Training (CET) in Singapore.  Housing inlab with some leading training providers in LLI provides close proximity and easy access to support the CET community’s move to embrace learning innovation.

About SGH

Singapore General Hospital (SGH) is the first and largest hospital in Singapore. It provides affordable specialist care for patients, training for doctors and other healthcare professionals, and conducts research to bring better care to its patients. 

A not-for-profit institution, SGH is wholly owned by the government of Singapore and the flagship hospital of the public healthcare system. SGH is a member of the SingHealth cluster of healthcare institutions.


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