SGH & PWS Team win an award in the SIMS Games challenge 2019

A team consisting of Nurses from Singapore General Hospital, Ang Shin Yuh, Quek Li Ting, Ivy Goh Hui Qi, Nur Fidtria Binte Sahta,  & Sean Padman Israfil McMenamin, Siddharth Jain, Paul de Leon from Playware Studios, won 3rd Prize in the SIMS Games Challenge 2019.

The SGH Infusion Pump training series is a set of games revolving around training nurses on using an Infusion Pump in a variety of situations. Combining scenario-based learning with simulation, the nurses will have to play out a day in the ward each time, reacting to situations accordingly and appropriately – and breach of processes is taken very seriously!

At the heart of these games is the Infusion Pump; nurses will get to operate an almost fully-simulated version of the device, increasing both their familiarity and proficiency with it by allowing them to browse the drug library and carry out the functions that they will face on a day-to-day basis in real life.

About the Challenge:

Rapid advancements in virtual reality and machine learning research are revolutionizing the future of healthcare simulation training and serious games. With these developments in mind, the Serious Games Assocation (SGA)and the SingHealth Duke-NUS Institute of Medical Simulation (SIMS) are proud to co-organise the inaugural SIMS Games Challenge, a healthcare simulation game design competition held on 24 October 2019 as part of the S3 Conference 2019. The competition explores the innovative application of new technologies to enhance learning for the healthcare industry. 

You can check out the other Award Winners by following the link.


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