SKH & PWS Team win InnovPLUS Flame Grant 2019 worth $200,000

A Project Team from Sengkang General Hospital and Playware Studios was awarded the Innovplus 2019 Flame award which comes with a SGD 200,000 Prototype Development Grant.

InnovPlus is an iN.LAB’s initiative to facilitate the rapid development of
prototypes that could address challenges and exploit opportunities for better CET outcomes and delivery. It is organised as a competition for organisations, learning experts, solutionists and technology partners to collaborate and present a holistic solution to real learning challenges faced by the organisation and/or groups of learners.

InnovPLUS VII Presentation Day was on on 11th June 2019, and had 7 Challenge Teams vying for the InnovPLUS Flame Grant worth up to $200,000 each.

The InnovPLUS Grant is a competitive learning innovation grant challenge which awards a prototyping grant of up to $200,000 to winning organisations to develop an innovative, feasible and scalable prototype that advances CET practice and outcomes. The InnovPLUS is organised by iN.LAB of the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL), and is run twice a year.

The team is seeking to develop a learning solution to train employees in personal and team effectiveness competencies such communication, mindfulness, patient safety, leadership, situation monitoring, etc.

The solution is envisaged to be able to personalise the content and assessment to the individual, measure performance to individual and team indicators, collect survey from individual and assessable via mobile devices.


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