Case Method 2.0 has been accredited under the WSQ system!

Playware Studios is happy to announce that our Case Method 2.0 (Using Interactive Simulations for Corporate Training), Human Resources Specialist Diploma developed under collaboration with Malvern International Academy  has been accredited under the Singapore Work Skills Qualifications framework.

Case Method 2.0 is an innovative new approach designed specifically for corporate learning and adult lifelong education. The approach blends the decision-forcing case concepts of Case Method of Teaching and Scenario Based Role Play with the affordances of Mobile Learning. Early trials of this method have indicated that this approach may generate increased results of the following: voluntary engagement, take-up rates, post-training knowledge retention and confidence while demonstrating work-related tasks.

Case Method 2.0 enables organizations to utilize emerging learning technologies and methodologies such as Mobile Learning, Game Based Learning, Alternate and Virtual Reality Learning and many more. It supports the acquisition of skills that involve complex physical/motor or emotional components (for example, operation of specialized equipment or even customer service).

Course Structure

Case Method 2.0 (Using Interactive Simulations for Corporate Training)

Course Title Unit Code Competency Standard Hours approved by SSG
Develop and Evaluate Strategies for Learning and Development HR-LD-403E-1 Develop and evaluate strategies for learning and development
Total Hours approved


Training Hours Assessment Hours
13.0 hrs
16.0 hrs
1.0 hrs

The following professionals with at least 2 years of work experience are eligible to apply for this course: Workplace trainer, Adult educator, Trainer/learning facilitator, Assessor, Instructional designer, Course ware developer, Curriculum designer, Head of Curriculum, Training management officer, Training executive, Educational technologist, Quality assurance manager, Training manager, Business development manager, Centre director, HR officer, HR executive, HRD specialist, Learning and development manager, Organisation development specialist, HRD director.

To find out more about course-ware, eligibility and funding for this programme, write to shereen.tho[at]

About WSQ

The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications system is a national continuing education and training system designed for adult workers which complements the formal education system for students. WSQ training is accessible to all workers and does not require academic pre-requisites. The WSQ provides training for skills upgrading and also recognition and certification of workers’ existing skills.

WSQ is based on industry agreed national skills standards, and courses only cover skills training which is determined by employers to be relevant to prevailing occupations in the industry. WSQ training is quality assured by SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG),  a statutory board under the Ministry of Education (MOE).


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