The Chibi art style in 3D

A key part of the effort that makes any story-telling engaging is how it is presented. Visual appeal is critical and can make the difference between compelling or dreary.

This new series of articles will explore the very hard, frustrating, rewarding, detailed and creative work that our artists do to make our learning games, simulations, e-learning and virtual reality content come to life.

The Chibi style

Chibi stands for ‘short’ and this art style is also called super deformed, referencing the fact that the heads (or other proportions) of the characters are too large for their diminutive seeming sizes.

This style is becoming very popular in not just games but in other mediums and product designs (think bobble head dolls and stickers etc.).

We’ve used it, quite successfully, in some of our games and projects such as Zombie Tooth, 3DHive Invent and others.

Here are some dioramas that show this style:

Zombie Tooth (2013)


Frequent Flyer (2011)

Lost & Found (2016)


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