What are Gamelets and why they matter to your organisation?

Try answering these questions for your organisation:

  • What makes your organisation’s product/service/function special?
  • How do you and your customers/users find each other?
  • If you sell your product or service, how do you ‘sell’ to your customers?
  • Do you retain your users/customers? Why?

The above are questions that can succinctly be used to describe what makes any organisation valuable to an economy or a society. They can be answered in many different ways for many different organisations. Invariably however, regardless of what your organisation makes or sells its the people who perform the various processes within it that help it function, differentiate and excel.


For each of the above questions you may have described certain skills, styles or expertise that your organisation’s workforce is required to possess. The processes they perform can be critical, highly cognitive, creative and representative of your organisation’s brand and goodwill.

How do you ensure that:

  1. Your workforce has the right skills or expertise?
  2. Your organisation can retain these across an extended time-frames and despite staff turn-over?
  3. Your organisation improves these over time?

Most organisations recognise the need for some sort of organised method to bring their employees up to speed and keep them there. This usually takes the form of some sort of organised transfer of knowledge. ILT, CBT, E-learning, M-Learning and Video based instruction etc. are all effective platforms for knowledge transfer.

However, knowledge and practice are very different things. Simply possessing knowledge about a process or task does not make you an adept or expert at it. You cannot become an expert at driving, playing the piano or baking a cake simply by reading a book, watching videos or listening to lectures.

Organisations also need an effective way to transfer ‘Practice’. They have to be  very deliberate about their ‘Skill Building’ strategies.

This series of posts will talk about the use of Gamelets as a Skill Building approach. Gamelets offer not just efficiency of practice transfer and faster time to expertise but also huge savings in time and money.

We will:

  • Describe Gamelets and how they transfer practice
  • Compare Gamelets as an approach versus other forms of practice transfer such as: SBL, Role-play, Simulation and OJT etc.
  • Share Case-studies and Research on their use and effectiveness

So look out for our article on Gamelets coming next week (on the 2nd of March 2018).



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