Playware Showcase at the iN.LAB

Playware was invited by iN.LAB to share her experience collaborating with the iN.LAB team with the Board of the Life Long Learning Institute. Under the collaboration Playware has been showcased as a Technology Partner at the iN.LAB and has participated in various capability and education-innovation development initiatives such as the Innovplus and InnovJam.

Playware demonstrated to the LLI Board products and solutions specifically developed for the Adult Education and Life Long Learning sectors. These included the ToPlay, Ergonomic, Transforming and portable interactive display and the, serious games development platform that is being used for training and simulation in various industry verticals such Healthcare, Social Services, Hospitality, Airlines, Finance and Retail etc.

Pictured in the feature image is Ms Charlene Chang, who is the Senior Director in the Prime Minister Office, Senior Director at the PS21 Office and Strategic Planning and Research  and a member of Board of Directors at the Life Long Learning Institute.

Playware Develops a variety of emerging technology solutions for training and learning including Virtual Reality, Serious Games, Gamification and E-Learning


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