The Academy of Play 2015

Last month we ran the Academy of Play programme from the 4th to 6th November 2015. We accomplished an amazing feat: a 3-day technology industry conference that empowered students to embrace 21st century competencies and experience a future career in the STEM fields. The presence of renowned industry experts in the panel discussion on the first day gave them new insights into the interdisciplinary nature of the games industry and facilitation from subject matter experts guided students in working towards a digital game they built with their peers.

In total, the collaboration of the three primary schools, Canberra Primary, Wellington Primary and Endeavour Primary, brought together 299 attendees —a 258% increase from the 2014 edition of the event! Over the three days, each student specialised in one of three disciplines: art, design and programming. The first two days equipped them with the skills, tools and resources needed to formulate and pitch a prototype game. The third day saw the culmination of their practical and technical learning as they formed 36 game companies, experienced the process of hiring employees, setting their company’s vision and mission, designing a full game and testing it on a market.

Together, in the spirit of community building, we were able to achieve our objectives of giving students a unique opportunity to experience the creative and digital industry as game development professionals. We’re excited to go forward with this momentum and build an even more exciting programme for 2016!

Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page.


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