Dr. Lynnette Tan shares her e-learning activity using gamification (3DHive) as pedagogical tool

As part of a series of posts from winners of the awards for teaching excellence in CELC, Dr. Lynnette Tan, a member of the Writing Unit, shares her e-learning activity using gamification as pedagogical tool.


This past academic year I used gamification to scaffold reading material for my students. I was a gamer for much of my teen years into my twenties, and still play online games occasionally – I experienced first-hand the attraction that games have. This century has been called the century of gaming, and experts in the field have made similar claims: Edward Castronova, Professor at Indiana University at Bloomington observes that “we’re witnessing what amounts to no less than a mass exodus to virtual worlds and online game environments” and Jane McGonigal, author of the seminal book on gaming ‘Reality is Broken’, calculated that the world invests “3 billion hours weekly playing online games”.

I used 3D Hive as a platform to create a 3D ARG (Alternate Reality Game) for my students on the module 1201S ‘Women in Film’…

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