National Primary Games Creation Competition 3DHive Game Winner for 2014

A big congratulations goes to Mr. Riaz from Ang Mo Kio Primary School, who led his students Team BlackJack in winning the 3DHive game category at this year’s NPGCC 2014. They beat four other schools vying for the title, Anglo Chinese School (Primary), Canberra Primary School, Griffiths Primary School and the hosts themselves Wellington Primary School.

The NPGCC is an annual event that incorporates game creation, game playing and all things ICT to foster closer relationships among primary schools in Singapore. The objective of NPGCC is to promote game creation as a pedagogy and ICT for all students.

WarlordsofWealth - Ang Mo Kio 3DHive game

The backdrop of the game is set in a medieval fantasy world and is about the former warriors of Lord Galadhon who had been slain in battle. His masterless warriors who are now known as The Ronin are seeking out to complete the 7 Wealth Quests of Garendur to become the next ruler of the Realm of Galador as prophesised in the Ancient Book Of Destiny.

The main warrior characters are Nessa the Assassin whose specialty is the crossbow, Ariel the Huntress who is excellent with the Longbow, Owyn the Enforcer who is powerful with the Broadsword, Lothoriel ColdSteel who is undefeatable with the Battleaxe, Xenia who is quick with her katana blades and many more. The player can roleplay as any one of these characters of Team Ronin.

There are many other Non-Role-Playing characters as well like the common townsfolk, the evil Orc Monsters and the LivingDead who prey on you, City Guards of The Blackwatch who takes care of the security of the Cities, Lord Arwen the famous Banker of Red Tower Bank and the great mage Thoros the Wise amongst others.

These NPC will spontaneously interact with your roleplaying character to either chat with your or share their infinite financial literacy knowledge to help in your quests or dish out some friendly advice on where to find help or earn some cash during the game.

The Guards of The Blackwatch will patrol the city against marauding Orcs and The WalkingDead zombies who will attack innocent people. The guards might even approach you or seek your help to fight.

You can download the 3DHive .pwsm game file here.


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