Ministry of Education Brunei gets trained on 3DHive

For four days, running from the 28th to the 31st of October, Playware alongside partner Autodesk was invited by the Ministry of Education in Brunei to conduct workshop training for their officers on how to use games for learning in the classroom. Over the course of four days, myself, 3D Artist/Game Designer Alex Ang, Creative Director Sid Jain and Project Manager Alberto Arenas from Autodesk ran sessions on the concept of game based learning and how it can be applied in pedagogy with 3DHive.



All of the training was conducted at the recently opened Media In Service Centre or MiSC for short. It is a facility managed directly by the Ministry of Education, Brunei for integrating and implementing digital learning, 21st century skills, game based learning and digital media best practices into all facets of the education sector in Brunei.



Brunei’s Ministry of Education (MOE) is committed to transforming itself by becoming more in tune with the digital and ICT landscape, preparing its teachers and infrastructure to embrace creativity and innovation. MiSC is a place where MOE officers can receive the kind of training and professional development needed to design digital games for learning in the classroom and learn from global industry partners such as ourselves in Playware. In doing so, they can reach their maximum potential in using the cutting edge of digital learning design solutions for their technological requirements.

I posted the photo album on our Facebook page, come check it out here.


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