Zombie Tooth – A game built for the Singapore Health Promotion Board powered by 3DHive

Today is an exciting day for both Playware and the Health Promotion Board as it is the launch day for Zombie Tooth, a game to teach kids about oral hygiene set in a post apocalyptic Singapore where zombies infected by bad oral hygiene roam the streets and sewers. The lesson here is, floss and brush your teeth at least once a day, otherwise you’ll be eating brains by the end of it.

About the game

The game is separated into three distinct areas or zones, Gum Disease (easy difficulty), Tooth Decay (medium difficulty) and Tooth Trauma (hard difficulty).  Each zone has its own narrative and feel to it, pushing the story of the main character and his/her companion.

To complete the core objective, the payer must survive waves of zombies by curing vulnerable civilians. After the completion of a zone, the player is faced with a boss battle. Furthermore, there is a secondary objective, where players can prevent tooth issues on non player characters (NPCs).

Each zone also has its own mini-games. The difficulty of each zone is defined by the benefits of the rewards generated from the minigames. For example, the hard zone will have the less rewarding elements. Each civilian can be cured from the particular stage by finishing the mini-game, if the player doesn’t succeed, the civilian turns into a zombie.


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