3DHive on show at MobiLearn Asia 2013 conference and exhibition

This year’s Mobilearn Asia 2013 event is being held at Suntec Convention Centre and is a conference and exhibition on mobile learning, eLearning and learning technologies. Creative Director Sid Jain was a Day 1 speaker talking about “Challenges and Strategies for Creating Engagement in Training and Skills Development.”


Here’s a synopsis of the session:

An increasing body of research is proving that game-based learning, scenario based learning, virtual worlds for training, just-in-training, etc can be extremely successful and powerful tools for skills development and training. However the current solutions are available to corporates only as a stand-alone, bespoke, rigid, large and cumbersome projects that make it difficult for Human Resources and learning, training teams to rationalise the use of such projects.

This session will be a sharing of case studies that demonstrate how some innovative schools, institutions and thought leaders in corporate education are tackling these problems to make games a viable option for teaching and learning.

This session will talk about how cutting edge technologies such as the Unity3D engine, Microsoft Azure Cloud (Azure SQL and Sharepoint) and 3DHive, social media and online documents can be used in conjunction to create highly immersive and engaging 3D learning experiences that are available on a vast majority of devices and platforms in use today.

You can find out more about the event here.


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