3DHive at the National Primary Games Competition 2013

Last September 18, Wellington Primary School held the National Primary Games Creation Competition (NPGCC 2013) which had over 500 students from 40 schools all over Singapore participate. Principal Gary Tsu was able to envision the use of games-for-learning as one of the core technology constructs for 21st Century learning and recognised the ease of use of 3DHive by students and teachers alike. Playware was therefore, invited by Wellington Primary to support the event in order for more schools to be able to harness the power of 3DHive as a games-for-learning platform. As a Singaporean technology company, we’re extremely excited to have our homegrown software being used by more schools in our home country. We believe that games and technology can bring purposeful play into the classroom and that this competition is one way we will start to see that dream slowly become a reality.

Singapore’s Ministry of Education official blog School Bag recently posted an article about the event. Here’s an excerpt:

Organised by Wellington Primary School since 2006, the competition provides a platform for upper primary students to showcase their talent and creativity in developing computer games. This year, the NPGCC attracted over 500 students from 40 schools. The theme of the competition was financial literacy, and the school partnered with the National Institute of Education and Citibank to educate students on ways to develop sound financial habits.

“The competition allows students to think out of the box, and although the entire game creation process was rigorous, it helps the students to hone their creativity,’ said Mr Luke Sim, a teacher from Canberra Primary School, which took part in the competition.

Calling themselves the Canberra $avers, the all-girl team from Canberra Primary School clinched the Best Game (First Place) under the 3DHive category. After dedicating three months of research on the topic and fine-tuning their game design, their hard work paid off. The game was set in medieval times, and the protagonist had to rescue civilians from the villains by answering questions related to financial literacy within a limited time period.

Canberra Primary School clinched the Best Game (First Place) under the 3DHive category.

“It was my first time designing games with 3DHive, a 3D design software. We were unfamiliar with 3DHive at first, and had to learn about its functionality. Also, our team had to think about questions relating to financial literacy. Although I have always been interested in gaming, this competition made me realise that it is not easy to create a game,” said Ashley Ng Mun Yee, a Primary Five student from Canberra Primary School.

You can check out the rest of the article here. We also recently posted photos we took at the event on our facebook page over here.


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