Singapore Business Review writes about Playware

Last month, the Singapore Business Review covered our company and flagship product 3DHive. The article talks about our vision for game based learning in the education technology space, along with our history and how it all started.

Here’s a snippet:

“In today’s world, teachers find it difficult to actively engage students. Not only do students have shorter attention spans, but they also find it mundane to engage with traditional non-interactive media. While research has convinced teachers of the effectiveness of using games in the classroom, games are currently too expensive and cumbersome for schools to adopt wholesale.

Playware Studios wants to bring ‘play’ into every classroom in the world. Built on top of the cutting edge Unity3D technology, Playware introduces 3DHive, a cloud based, social, play-enabled virtual classroom platform that allows schools to embrace ‘games in learning’ on-the-go.

Our founders, Siddharth Jain (Chief Creative Officer) and Srividya Maliwal (Chief Producer) have been instrumental in the serious games space in Singapore and South-East Asia over the last 5-7 years. Their changed focus on education technology, and more specifically game-design and game-literacy as a new medium in education is monumental and there is much success to come from this new form technology in classrooms worldwide”

You can read the full article here.


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