Setting the stage for 3DHive’s role in education

After 4 years of work on the 3DHive platform, we’re pleased to announce that our patent was officially published in February 2013. Covering the method and system for hosting transient virtual worlds that can be created, hosted and terminated remotely and automatically, here’s an excerpt from our patent that’s on file with the International Bureau:

Embodiments of the invention relate to providing a method and system for presenting users with the ability to host a virtual world especially one that is capable of being used in a game based environment for teaching and learning, and more specifically to improving ease of customization, enabling on-demand-usage and facilitating content sharing for hosting private virtual locations on virtualized servers specifically so that multiple discreet virtual worlds can be hosted (automatically and remotely), started or removed on one or more servers simultaneously and independently of each other without affecting the other hosts.

With this new development, we’re all set to promote 3DHive as the virtual world platform for educational games and explore its many uses within school curriculum. You can read our full patent file here.

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