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Two weeks ago, we had a chance to host a games for learning workshop with teachers and educators from around Singapore at the Alienware Cafe in Chinatown. Participants discussed how to create 3D games for learning with a focus on 21st century skills such as media, digital and ICT literacy. One of the attendees, Jeff Plaman who is a Digital Literacy Coach for UWCSEA  wrote about his experience with 3DHive on the school’s tech blog.

Here’s a snippet of what he has to say about were 3DHive:

“Students can make games, not just play them.  

We had quite a lot of debate on the value of these games for learning. Is this the most efficient way to learn? Do teachers have the time to make them? Do students learn the intended concepts? All of these were good questions raised by colleagues, and they’re all assuming that games would just be played by students. I realized that I was thinking about the value of games not just from the perspective of the student as player in a game created by teachers, rather I was thinking of the students designing and building games to show their understanding.”

You can read more in Jeff’s blog entry here.


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