What is 20 Percent?

The concept of 20 percent isn’t new, many companies in the tech industry practice it, and was made famous by none other than internet tech giant Google. How the 20 percent philosophy works is that for about a day a week, employees are encouraged to work on a passion project or something completely unrelated to their job roles. It’s a really fun and productive exercise where employees can work on something completely new, fix existing products/projects and come up with new innovations for the company at large.

As you may know, Playware Studios is currently focused primarily on serious games or games for learning and have big plans for the year ahead in sharing our vision that technology and games can help the education sector. But for one day a week, we too find the time to work on gaming projects outside the realm of serious games. Here at Playware, we not only encourage the 20 percent philosophy, we’ve actually formed a sort of division if you like, that enables us to pool our efforts in developing projects we love. In this case, our 20 percent has gone into the development of mobile games.

At our very core, we are a games development company and our roots are sunk deep within the video games industry in Singapore. Embracing the 20 percent philosophy allows us to not only express ourselves and innovate with new projects and products, but allows us to keep abreast with the rest of the gaming industry’s developments. We are able to proactively experiment with upcoming engines, new technologies and unique ways of expressing narratives in games. 20 Percent is a defining factor for Playware’s creative and innovative side, and is what gives us the edge in crafting some of the most unique kinds of game based learning software in the serious games industry.


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