Classroom of the Future (2011)

Developed by the National Institute of Education,Singapore the Classroom of the Future – COTF Live! showcase is an initiative set up to demonstrate and model technologies for use in the learning of tomorrow’s students. The COTF demonstrates a student-centric learning environment where technology is used to support pedagogical and instructional approaches. During the 40 mins guided tour, visitors will be immersed in the learning environment of the possible future to experience how learning can be unlimited by the constraints of place and time.
Playware has developed the immersive technology featured in the COTF 3.0.  Students gather at the climate simulation laboratory where they are challenged to think critically as they take on various roles to solve energy supply and climate warming issues. They will then be transported to various future scenarios to experience the impact of their decisions in a visual and realistic manner, hence deepening their understanding and heightening the need to think critically and work collaboratively.
The Simulator features a panoramic wraparound simulation with a computer controlled ambient physical environment.


Check out more information about the Classroom of the Future Here

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