3DHive is a patented technology that was developed by Playware Studios under the Future Schools project.  It is developed  in collaboration with the Canberra Primary School in Sembawang, Singapore. Read more about the 3DHive @ Serious Games Singapore a blog dedicated to the project.
3DHive features a powerful game creation tool. It is a fully GUI based editor platform that requires no prior knowledge of art, design or programming.

3DHive is an advanced online games and virtual world platform designed to be used for education. It features integrated multimedia support, multimodal communication and secure online environments. It is a standalone virtual world that provides all the strengths of the virtual worlds without the need for external hosting. It thrives on user generated content and provides easy to use tools for creation of content. The following can be created on 3DHive:

  1. Online Multi-player Games (collaborative and competitive)
  2. Games for Microsoft Kinect
  3. Role-playing and Adventure Games
  4. Massively Multi-player Games
  5. Interactive Simulations
  6. Virtual Worlds for Education
  7. Social Collaborative Project Spaces

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