Singapore Tech Goes to imbX

Officially opened on Tuesday, the imbX (Infocomm Media Business Exchange) 2009 is a platform where ICT companies, their technologies and users meet at the signature CommunicAsia tradeshow.
The annual event comprises a conference and exhibition showfloor. Under the imbX banner, there is also EnterpriseIT, BroadcastAsia and InteractiveDME…
(find PWS mentioned later in the article)

…Playware Studios Asia’s chief creative director Siddharth Jain explains the 4Di (four-dimensional interaction)–a multitouch interactive display surface that will soon be launched in Singapore’s Canberra Primary School as part of the FutureSchools program. In a lab, up to 45 students can simultaneously learn in a real-time game setting through 14 wall-sized displays such as the one shown. Another 45 can log into the company’s Web-based learning system, and also participate in the same game via avatars….

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